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Our clinical neuropsychologists and psychologists offer collaborative and affirming autism assessments to support adults in exploring their neurotype, including associated strengths. 


Obtaining a formal diagnosis is an often important step for adults in learning more about their identity and starting to make sense of lifelong feelings of being different.

What does an autism assessment for an adult involve? 

An autism assessment with an adult generally takes place over a 3 week period, and includes:

Completion of Questionnaires

The first step in the assessment process is the completion of several online questionnaires at home.


It is often helpful if a significant other, family member or friend who knows you well is able to complete one of the questionnaires. However, this is not essential and we realise it is not always possible.

Assessment Session

The assessment session can be held at our office in Canning Vale or by video call, and includes:

  • clinical interview to review developmental, psychosocial and medical history, address the DSM-V-TR criteria for autism spectrum disorder, and identify personal strengths and sensory preferences

  • use of the MIGDAS-2 sensory based interview tool

  • assessment of adaptive skills

Formal testing of cognitive skills can be completed if required or requested, although it is generally not needed. Please note, cognitive testing will incur an additional fee.

You are welcome to bring a significant other or a support person to any or all autism assessment sessions.

Comprehensive Report

Our affirming and comprehensive written report outlines the results of your assessment and provides recommendations regarding supports and resources.


The report can be used to support applications for NDIS funding, however, our assessment and report alone may not be sufficient to access NDIS funding.

Feedback Session

During this session, we will discuss your assessment results, offer suggestions regarding supports and resources that may be helpful, and provide a copy of your comprehensive written report. This session can be undertaken at our office in Canning Vale, by video call, or via phone.

Do you offer combined assessment for autism and ADHD? 

Yes! If you think you may be autistic and an ADHD'er, you may prefer to choose a combined autism and ADHD assessment. This assessment will identify whether you meet diagnostic criteria for autism and/or ADHD.

Do I need a referral? 

No,  you do not need a doctor's referral for an adult autism assessment. A referral is only required if you are aged under 25 and intend to claim a Medicare rebate for part of the assessment fee.

If you have a written referral from your GP or psychiatrist, please forward it to our reception team.

Will I receive a written report? 

You will receive a comprehensive report which includes the results of your assessment and recommendations regarding supports and resources. The psychologist will review this report with you during your feedback session.

What is the fee for an adult autism assessment? 

Please click here to contact our reception team by email or call (08) 9456 0411 for details regarding assessment fees.


Please note, payment of the full assessment fee must be made prior to the assessment.

Do Medicare rebates apply for adult autism assessments? 

Medicare rebates may apply for adults age 18-25 with an appropriate referral. For those over age 25, Medicare rebates do not apply for adult autism assessment sessions.  You may be able to claim a rebate from your private health insurer for autism assessment sessions. Please contact your private health fund to clarify your eligibility.


How can I find out more?


If you have questions regarding our autism assessments for adults, we would be happy to talk with you further about our approach.


Please feel free to call us on 9456 0411 or get in touch by submitting this online form.

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