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Amherst Psychology offers therapy sessions online by video, or via phone call.  These are sometimes called telehealth sessions.  In the current situation as our community is practicing physical distancing in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, phone or video sessions are a great way to get mental health support.  They also make it easier for those living in rural or remote areas or people with busy schedules to access therapy.

What is telehealth or online therapy?


Counselling sessions can be provided online using our practice management software which features end-to-end encryption (the video session is just like using Skype or FaceTime), or by phone call. You can access mental health support from the comfort of your own home and avoid the travel time!

Why choose online therapy sessions?


We have always provided phone and video sessions to clients in rural and remote areas. These sessions enable people to access mental health support regardless of their location and help people maintain their progress with therapy when they are travelling.


Whilst we are currently practicing physical distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19, you can still do psychological therapy.  In fact, looking after your mental health may be more important now than ever before and you can do counselling sessions from home or any other location that is private, comfortable and safe for you.

Many clients have found online/video therapy sessions to be easier and more convenient - they save time by not driving to our office, or they can arrange child care for a shorter time period.  It also allows clients to continue making progress with therapy if they have a cold or other illness but still feel well enough to attend the session online or by phone.


Are online counselling / therapy sessions effective?


Online consultations are offered by many health professionals including GPs, psychiatrists, even physiotherapists. Regardless of the type of psychological therapy or the format used (in-person, online, phone call), research shows that the relationship between a client and therapist is the most important factor in effective therapy. So, the answer is yes, telehealth is effective!


What technology do I need?

You can use your computer, mobile phone or a tablet/iPad for your video sessions. Having a reliable wi-fi signal is important if you don’t want to use your mobile phone data allowance. We will send you a reminder email a few days before each appointment which includes a link that you simply click on to start your session. You don't need to download any apps for your telehealth sessions, it's super easy!


How do I organise therapy sessions/appointments?

You can call our office on 9456 0411 or click here to contact us and book your appointments. If you are a new client, you'll need to call or email our reception team to book your first appointment. Current clients can book appointments online with most of our practitioners using the booking system here on our website.


A few days before your appointment, we'll send you a reminder email. This email includes a link for you to click on at the time of your appointment to join your online session.  It’s easy and we are happy to talk you through it or do a “practice run” to make sure you feel ready and you're comfortable with it.

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