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Our clinical neuropsychologists and psychologists are experienced in conducting diagnostic assessments for adults who think they may have Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or consider themselves to be an ADHD'er.


To book an assessment, simply call our reception team on (08) 9456 0411 or click here to fill in our online enquiry form. Assessments are conducted at our offices in Canning Vale, Mount Pleasant and also by telehealth.

What are the signs of ADHD in adults? 

Adults with ADHD often describe lifelong struggles with:

  • disorganisation

  • feeling restless or fidgeting

  • time management / deadlines

  • emotional regulation or sensitivity

  • impulsivity

  • feeling different to others

  • paying attention in conversations

  • forgetfulness

  • feeling easily frustrated 

  • poor sleep

To learn more about ADHD in adults read our blog.

What does the assessment involve?


Our adult ADHD diagnostic assessment involves:

  • Completion of online questionaires at home prior to your appointment.

  • 1.5 - 2 hour assessment session with the psychologist to conduct a diagnostic interview.

  • 50 minute feedback session with the psychologist to discuss the results of your assessment. The feedback session is held approximately 2 weeks after your assessment session.

  • A letter by the psychologist advising whether you meet the criteria for an ADHD diagnosis, which is generally provided at your feedback session.

Will I receive a diagnosis?


Yes, we can diagnose ADHD as a result of this assessment if the required diagnostic criteria are met.


This diagnosis can be used for your own self-discovery and to support applications for workplace or study accommodations. Obtaining a formal diagnosis is an important step for many adults in learning more about their neurotype.

Do I need a referral? 

No, you do not need a doctor's referral.

If you do have a written referral from your GP or Psychiatrist, please forward it to our reception before your appointment.

Can the assessment be done by telehealth? 


Yes, the assessment can be conducted entirely by telehealth (usually a video call), or you can attend our office in Canning Vale for your appointment.

How much does it cost? 


The fee for an Adult ADHD Assessment is $1400. This includes the provision of a diagnostic letter. 

Please note, pre-payment of the full assessment fee must be made within 7 days of booking your assessment.

Do Medicare rebates apply for adult ADHD assessments? 


No. Medicare rebates are not available for ADHD assessments. You may be able to claim a rebate from your private health insurer and we encourage you to contact your health insurer for this information.

Can I bring someone to my appointment? 


Yes, please let us know prior to your appointment who will be joining you. Keep in mind the interview involves discussion of sensitive information such as alcohol and other drug use, and your mental health history.

Do you prescribe medication for ADHD? 


No, psychologists are not medical doctors. Psychologists can diagnose ADHD but we can not prescribe medication.

Will I need to see a psychiatrist?


If you receive a diagnosis of ADHD from your assessment with us, you might decide to see a psychiatrist to discuss the medical options for managing your ADHD.


Psychiatrists are medical practitioners who can prescribe medications for adult ADHD. There can often be a significant waiting time for psychiatrist appointments and fees apply for consultations with private psychiatrists.

Can I access counselling or therapy after my ADHD diagnosis?


Yes, you might decide to attend therapy sessions at our practice after your ADHD assessment. Therapy sessions incur additional fees and may be with a different practitioner, as some of our team only offer assessment services.

Our psychologists and occupational therapist work with many ADHD'ers post-diagnosis to help them better understand the strengths and struggles associated with their ADHD. Therapy sessions are neuro-affirming and aim to support clients in developing greater self-identity and self-advocacy, as well as learning skills or life hacks that suit their neurotype. People diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood often benefit from support to understand and heal the trauma they may have experienced growing up without a diagnosis or an understanding of their brain's differences.

How do I arrange an adult ADHD assessment?


Call our reception team on (08) 9456 0411 or click here to email us via our online enquiry form

If you have questions regarding our ADHD assessments for adults, we would be happy to talk with you further about our approach.

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