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Several of our practitioners offer couples counselling or relationship therapy.  At Amherst Psychology, we believe that satisfaction within couple relationships plays a huge part in our individual sense of wellbeing. We realise it takes courage to be honest with ourselves and each other when things are not going well in a relationship.


Research from the highly acclaimed Gottman Institute shows that on average, couples wait about 6 years to seek professional support. Unfortunately, as time goes by, feelings of resentment and distance often develop. Prevention is much better than a cure when it comes to relationship distress and therapy can help couples work through past hurts and develop a more rewarding and strong relationship. Our couple therapists are passionate about teaching clients a range of practical skills and strategies to enhance their relationship.


Some of the areas we can help with include:

  • Planning for marriage or living together

  • Communication problems

  • Recurring arguments

  • Sexual dissatisfaction or desire discrepancy

  • Deciding whether to separate

  • Healing after an affair or other deceit

  • Dealing with different attitudes about parenting

  • Parenting children with unique needs

  • Difficulties in relationships with extended family members

If you are wondering whether counselling can help your relationship, why not arrange an appointment for you both to meet one of our practitioners? You will usually know within 2-3 sessions whether it is helping.


Sometimes, one partner is keen to attend couples therapy but the other is not. They may have hinted about going to couples’ therapy many times over the years, to no avail. In this case, we can support the interested partner to better understand any problematic patterns in the relationship and learn skills to improve the situation.

To find out more or to book an appointment for couples therapy, please complete our online Contact Us form.

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