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What therapy services do you offer for NDIS participants?


Our psychologists offer services for NDIS participants of all ages to support them in achieving their plan goals. People with a disabilty have a higher rate of psychological distress than those without disability. For many, access to quality mental health care is a significant part of enhancing wellbeing and fuller engagement in life.


Our team offers therapy and assessments via in-office and telehealth appointments and we are currently accepting new clients. We are experienced in supporting people with a range of disabilites and have a special interest in providing affirming therapy services to neurodivergent clients (eg: autistic, ADHD'er and other neurotypes) and their families.

Our therapists will work with you (or your child) to explore strengths and interests, clarify goals, and develop strategies and skills to support you to engage more fully in life.

What are the payment arrangements for NDIS services?


We provide psychology services to participants whose plan is self managed or plan managed. Amherst Psychology is not a registered provider and as such, we do not work with participants whose plan is NDIA (agency) managed. Fees for psychology services vary across our team and the fee schedule is available from our reception team upon request.


Please note, if your NDIS funds are plan managed and the psychology session/service fee is higher than the NDIS price guide amount, the gap/co-payment is payable directly by you on the day of your session/service.

Therapeutic supports are generally provided under the Improved Daily Living item, within the Capacity Building Category of an NDIS plan.

How do I get started with therapy under my NDIS plan?


If you'd like to know if our therapists can support you in achieving your NDIS plan goals, please reach our to our friendly reception team on (08) 9456 0411 or complete our online Contact Us form. Alternatively, your support co-ordinator or nominated person is welcome to contact us.

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