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What does a child autism assessment involve? 

Our child and adolescent autism assessments are conducted by our team of Clinical Neuropsychologists and Psychologists. We take a neuro-affirming approach in our assessment, which takes place over a 6-week period, and includes: 

  • Completion of parent and teacher questionnaires

  • Comprehensive 90-minute parent/caregiver interview

  • Cognitive and IQ assessment with your child

  • Sensory-based assessment with your child 

  • Comprehensive written report

  • 50 minute parent/caregiver feedback session to discuss the assessment outcome and recommendations 

What assessment tools are used


Information is gathered using the following tools:  


  • We refer to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fifth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-5-TR) diagnostic criteria to assess for neurodevelopmental differences. This is the most widely used and accepted diagnostic tool in educational and medical settings which we use with the aim of assisting clients to receive every support they may be eligible for

  • We gather information from parents/caregivers and teachers using our tailored questionnaires. This assists our assessor with understanding you child’s challenges and strengths in both home and school environments

  • We review your child’s developmental history though a comprehensive 90 minute parent interview session

  • We utilise a range of tools as clinically appropriate, including the MIGDAS-2, the WISC-V, and the SRS-2

Can psychologists diagnose autism? 



Yes. The assessment of autism is appropriate to be performed by all psychologists who have had sufficient professional development, relevant experience, and supervision in conducting autism assessments. Our assessment team have completed contemporary autism assessment training, have experience in working with neurodivergent children, and engage in regular supervision with our assessment team clinical supervisor.  


Our child autism assessments are conducted using a Lead Practitioner Diagnostic Evaluation model (previously called the single-clinician diagnostic approach). This means our assessments are completed by one psychologist who draws on information and evidence from all relevant sources including parents, teachers, allied health practitioners, and/or medical practitioners (when relevant).  

How much does a child autism assessment cost? 

Please contact our reception team using our online contact form or call 9456 0411 to obtain details of current fees for autism assessments for children aged 6+.


A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remainder of the assessment fee due 7 days prior to your first assessment session.

Can I get a rebate from Medicare? 

Medicare rebates are available for autism diagnostic assessments and therapy for children and young people aged under 25. Whilst a doctor's referral is not required for an autism assessment at our practice, a valid referral from a paediatrician or psychiatrist is required to access Medicare rebates. These rebates cover only part of the fee for autism assessment services. Further details are available from our reception team.

How can I find out more?

We understand considering an autism identification is a big step for many families and we're happy to talk with you about our affirming approach to assessment.


Please feel free to call us on 9456 0411 or get in touch here via our online Contact Us Form.

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