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Fast Minds, Big Hearts - Neuroaffirming Group for Adult ADHD'ers


Discovering that you are an ADHDer as an adult can be many things including: validating, a relief to finally know, frustrating that you didn’t know earlier, and a catalyst for more self-discovery. We love to help neurodivergent people get to know themselves through an affirming lens with information, self-advocacy, and strategies for daily life based on personal strengths, preferences and needs. Doing this in a group setting creates possibilities for connection through ‘I do that too!’ moments and a sense of being part of the broader, ADHDer community.


This group is a way for you to meet other adult ADHDers, learn more about the ADHD neurotype and gather some helpful skills and tips. Each group will have a maximum of 10 participants.

The group will be faciliatated by experienced psychologist and late-diagnosed ADHD'er, Cherie Harris.


Topics covered include:

  • Life after diagnosis (formal or self-diagnosed)

  • The hsitory and science of ADHD

  • Impact of ADHD on work, study, relationships and other parts of life.

  • Self-identity

  • Self-advocacy 


The 5 week program will be run in person at our practice in Canning Vale on Thursdays from 4pm - 5.30pm starting on Thursday 21st June 2022. There will time to take breaks and move during each session.


The fee for the full 5 week group program is $500, payable up front. An early bird discount of $50 applies until 1 July 2022.


If you are someone who was either diagnosed or self-identified as an ADHDer during adulthood, this group is for you! To register, please call our reception team on (08) 9456 0411 or email



How can I register or get more information?


To register for the Fast Minds, Big Hearts group, click here to go to our events page.

If you have questions regarding the group or our other services for ADHD'er adults, please feel free to call our reception team on 9456 0411 or get in touch by email:

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