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Perinatal mental health focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of parents during pregnancy and their baby’s first year of life.  

The transition to parenthood can be a big adjustment that is often filled with mixed emotions. For parents, joy and excitement can go hand in hand with feeling stressed, vulnerable and overwhelmed. Perinatal mental health services can be helpful in supporting parents as a new baby joins the family, at the same time as keeping the baby or toddler in mind and supporting the baby’s development. 

A state of parental wellbeing and good mental health enables parents to engage in more responsive caregiving, which in turn supports their child's development.


Several of our practitioners are  passionate about supporting parents during their transition to parenthood, in order for children to grow up feeling safe and secure. 


You may benefit from our support if you:

  • Are having a hard time adjusting to your pregnancy

  • Are finding it difficult adjusting to being a mum or a dad

  • Feel uncertain, stressed, worried or down about parenthood

  • Are concerned about your child’s development

  • Are finding it difficult to develop a bond with your child

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